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Using the Lifelock promotion code will mean you pay less than $100 for a years identity theft protection and get the Lifelock $1 million guarantee.

Does Lifelock Work?
The simple answer is yes it does. With close on a million customers and less than 80 of them making a claim on the $1 million guarantee is proof that the LifeLock identity theft protection service is the best on the market by a distance. Government figures show that over 30 000 of those 1 million customers would normally be expected to become a victim of identity theft.

How does Lifelock work ?
LifeLock works by placing fraud alerts on your credit files on your behalf. This means that any company who does a credit check on you causes a red flag to be raised and you are informed. Credit checks are carried out when someone applies for credit, a loan, a credit card etc. Lifelock also ensure your name is removed from mail lists as the less your details are spread around the less chance of them falling into the wrong hands.

What Makes Lifelock Different To Credit Monitoring?
Lifelock stops thieves from stealing your identity which means they can’t ruin your credit rating.
A credit monitoring service tells you when your credit rating has changed, thereby alerting you that your identity has been stolen. Its the proverbial closing of the barn door after the horse has bolted!

Does Lifelock work with credit experts because i have heard I can do everything that Lifelock does for myself?
Lifelock use experts who know exactly how the system works and make sure your fraud alerts are in place at all times. The 3 credit bureau’s don’t like you to place a fraud alert against your name and they certainly do not like your name being removed from mail lists as it is the sale of these lists that make them so much money. For this reason they don’t make it easy for you to do it yourself. Each alert only lasts a certain amount of time and for it to be effective you cannot let it lapse.

You certainly could do the work yourself just as you could walk to work this morning. Question is why would you walk when you have a car and why would you take it on yourself to protect your own identity when Lifelock can do it for a few cents a day.

Perhaps the answer to the original question “Does Lifelock work” should have been yes because Lifelock gives you peace mind. They take care of dealing with all the credit bureau’s for you and they give you a $1 million guarantee that they have done it correctly so one can steal your identity.

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