LifeLock vs Trusted ID

A Review of LifeLock vs Trusted ID

Now that 2008 has reached a new high in security breaches, identity theft protection is on the minds of more people than ever before. Two of the most popular protection plans are LifeLock and Trusted ID. Both of them offer outstanding protection at a reasonable price.

How are LifeLock and Trusted ID the same?

  • Fraud Alerts (Called ‘Lender DoubleCheck’ by TrustedID)
  • Opt-out of pre-approved credit offers
  • Order yearly credit reports
  • Have a $1,000,000 warranty
  • Wallet protection
  • Scan internet black markets looking for misuse of your information
  • 24/7 on call helpline

Both services have strong scanning features that watch for your personal information being sold or traded on the black market. They look for your name, DOB, address and social security number. You can give TrustedID your bank account and credit card numbers and they will watch for them, too. You’ll be notified immediately if any activity with your info is found.

Wallet protection is a nice feature. The last time I thought I’d lost my wallet, I went into total panic mode. It’s like losing a part of your life. Knowing you have someone to call who will walk you through the steps necessary to replace your driver’s license and insurance cards, cancel and replace your debit or credit cards. And because you have the identity protection coverage, you’ll also be at less risk for the identity theft that goes hand-in-hand with a stolen wallet.

As you can see, both companies are quite similar and have the same basic features.

Here are a few differences in how their coverage works:

TrustedID sets your fraud alerts for you every 90 days like LifeLock. They also give you the option of placing a security freeze on your credit files if you prefer that. You have to pay the additional fee (usually $10) at each credit bureau to freeze and/or unfreeze your credit. The handy part about this is that they’ll administer this process for you, which can be a real nightmare if you lose your PIN number.

[Keep in mind that with a security freeze, no one can open any new credit – not even you – until the freeze is removed.]

In addition to watching for your information on the black market, LifeLock regularly scans the post office databases looking for a change of address. If they find you in there, they’ll contact you to confirm you made the change. Address changes are a popular way thieves hi-jack your mail and financial accounts.

An unsecure computer is a prime target for hackers and malicious software. Your passwords and email/financial account info are an open book to thieves if your computer gets infected. Trusted ID gives you an anti-spyware program you can install on up to 3 computers. This software is updated each day and is free for as long as you have your TrustedID membership. A good anti-spyware program is about $30 a year, so you’ll be saving the cost of that.

The biggest difference between TrustedID and Life Lock is the way they deal with an actual identity theft. Nothing can 100% stop a determined identity thief, so you get a million dollar warranty with your membership.

LifeLock has a service warranty that does the recovery for you. They’ll hire attorneys, investigators and case managers for you.

TrustedID has an identity theft kit that gives you the step-by-step process of what to do. You’ll be responsible for hiring any outside help but you’ll be reimbursed for expenses – including lost wages for things like having to appear in court to dispute a fraudulent account.


The cost is nearly identical if you want individual coverage. Trusted ID has the better deal on family coverage. All adult family members (including elderly parents) and children living at the same address are covered with one low-priced membership.


LifeLock – get a 10% discount and 30 days free – use the promo code – CPA22.

Adult – 16 and over

  • $9 per month ($11 per month without coupon)
  • $99 per year ($110 per year without coupon)

Children (per kid)

  • $2.25 per month
  • $22.50 per year

TrustedID – get a 10% discount. Just click here.
No Promotion Code Needed.


  • $90 annual membership ($99 per year without coupon)
  • $9 per month ($10 per month without coupon)

Family (all family members included)

  • $170.99 per month ($189.99 without coupon)
  • $17.99 per month ($19.99 without coupon)

LifeLock and TrustedID are both excellent companies that have stood the test of time. Either of them is a good choice.

I do like the anti-spyware program now included with Trusted ID’s service. I currently pay $30 a year for Spyware Doctor to protect me from all the nasty things trying to get into my computer. TrustedID will save me from having to renew that in a few months.

If you’re looking for coverage for a spouse and/or children, TrustedID has the best pricing available when you take advantage of the discount.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to stop worrying about identity theft because you’ll have a good company guarding your back. You’ll have unlimited help if you ever become an identity theft victim and you’ll never have to be alone to figure out what to do to restore your identity.

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