alerts users to third data breach in less than 2 years

As if job searching in this economy isn’t discouraging enough, those seeking jobs through have been notified that yet another data breach has put users at risk of identity theft. posted a warning to their users on their website Friday. Hackers were able to access user IDs, passwords, names, e-mail addresses, birth dates, gender and ethnicity were exposed. In some cases the users’ state of residence was also exposed. doesn’t collect Social Security numbers or resumes, so neither of those could have been exposed. also, the federal government’s website for job openings, and users of that site were also affected.

In the security warning, recommended users voluntarily change their passwords now, and alerted them that they would soon be required to change their passwords and login information. also told their users that they would not contact them via e-mail, and advised them to delete any e-mails from senders posing as because they are most likely phishing attempts to obtain personal information.

This is the third monstrous data breach for the job search giant. Hackers attacked with a Trojan horse to steal the personal information of 1.6 million users and send it on to remote server. Later that same year, hackers attacked again with malicious code that infected visitors’ computers with a virus. said in their warning that they have not yet found any evidence of identity theft resulting from the data breach.

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