MySpace Data Breached by Employee

Social media has been the hottest trend on the internet. With new social networking websites coming along at every turn, it’s hard to keep up with the latest networking trend. Some really hot websites that we hear about often are: Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Employees of MySpace have recently been included in the most recent victims of data being breached. A MySpace employee was fired after it had been learned that they collected sensitive information of many company employees. MySpace is operated by Fox Entertainment Group and has sent an email to all employees making them aware of the event. The email is said to have assured MySpace employees that no banking or medical information was compromised in the theft.

The termination of the accused employee came immediately after it was discovered that they had collected this information. It is also being reported that the email said that the data was used to irritate co-workers, but was not sent to any other parties.

There is no mention of this data breach affecting MySpace users, only employees. If you do use any of these popular social networking sites, it is good to be cautious and create user names and passwords that are hard to guess. A lot of “phishing” goes on online as well. This is where someone sends you an email or contacts you online pretending to represent a company that you could potentially be a customer or member of. They try to lure you into giving them your personal information by scaring you into thinking that your account with them might be at risk and they just need to “verify” the personal information that they have on file for you. Never fall for this type of scam! Legitimate companies never contact you to ask you for your personal information, they have it already. If you are unsure as to whether you are truly being contacted by the company or not, hang up and call back a legitimate number for that company to inquire about your suspicious email or online message.

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