My doctors employee stole my personal information from my medical file

Submitted by Lauri Fox

I live in Las Vegas NV, and I’m a victim of identity thief. My doctors employee had stole my personal information from my medical file, including my debit card and drivers license they made copy’s of and drained my bank account, and ran up cell phones in my name, also was using my social security number to work, when i was on disability. which caused me to loose a year and a half of back pay when i was approved for disability. and they caught the two employees who did this they also stole 42k from my doctor. but i feel my doctor is also to blame for not protecting my personal information.

How do I go about suing my doctor for allowing such people to work for them is there a name for this I cant find much online about this huge problem. But they stole over 16k from me in a 2 year period, and they are out on bail and they continue to drain my bank accounts, so now I owe two banks money that I had in there but they were with drawing it as fast as it went in. If anyone can please lead me in the right direction on where to turn to in this case. I’m just sick about this and don’t know what rights i have. Thank you.

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