Woman Steals Babysitter’s Identity – How Ironic!

When you hear stories that involve identity theft between a woman and her nanny, one would normally draw the conclusion that the nanny is stealing from the mother. Most likely visions of Rebecca De Mornay and scenes from Hand that Rocks the Cradle flash through your head. This time it was the nanny who was victimized.

Ramie Marston, the mother in this case, is awaiting sentencing for stealing her nanny’s information and making fraudulent purchases while using her name. Shortly after offering the nanny a rent-free stay in Marston’s previous house, Marston began using the nanny’s name and credit with six different creditors and a luxury car agency. Final tally in the nanny’s name? Nearly $62,000.

Marston pled guilty to the charges but filed for bankruptcy to try and avoid paying back the money. The judge in her case still ordered her to pay back the $62k at $500 a month (that’s a 124 months — or ten years and four months of repayment). That would be the end to a typical identity theft case, but Marston isn’t a traditionalist. Instead, while sentencing is still pending for the nanny’s theft, Marston decided to steal a businessman’s identity and charge up $8,000 of debt. What were some of Marston’s (sure to be) pre-jail spending spree purchases? $1,179 worth of fine eating at area restaurants, $945 for furniture, a hotel stay to the tune of $485.33, $171.61 worth of iTunes to rock out to, $1,509 in groceries (she sure likes to eat!), $500 to a childrens camp, $312 to buy a puppy from the SPCA and an unknown amount to pay a criminal fine owed by her newlywed husband.

What a catch!

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