Stancy Nesby a victim of criminal identity theft was detained, arrested, or jailed 7 times

Stancy Nesby was pulled over for speeding, arrested and jailed for 3 days on mistaken identity. It happens that a judge issued a warrant for Stacy Nesby’s arrest after another woman arrested for cocaine possession gave Stacy’s name to the judge and then skipped her court date. The surprising issue with this mistaken identity case is that each time Ms. Nesby was mistakenly arrested the police eventually figured it out and told her that the warrant would be corrected. However nobody corrected this warrant and Stancy was arrested, jailed or detained 7 times by 5 police department for the same mistake. She had to sue the City of San Francisco and finally a judge required that the warrant be corrected after almost 4 years of the nightmare. It’s an amazing true story about how difficult it can be to get mistaken identity corrected. See the video below about her titled “Criminal Identity Theft” from CNN.

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