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Email Scam Leads To Phony CNN Site

Hackers have launched a new email scam that attempts to lure unsuspecting users to a bogus news site using the Gaza conflict in an effort to steal passwords. The RSA FraudAction Research Lab discovered the scam and says the result of the attack is the infection of computers with a Trojan. The RSA blog […]

Identity Theft: My Tale from the Other Side

Submitted by Tara1902 Ten years ago, I knew a couple who had their identities stolen. Just watching what a hassle their life became (and the plethora of out of pocket expenses they had to incur) was enough to convince me that I needed to invest in a paper shredder—and take the time to use it. […]

Wells Fargo: Identity Theft Stories & ATM Skimmers

Submitted by Keith843 Over the last two weeks, I went to my local Wells Fargo bank branch twice to place electronic wire orders. These wires usually take a little time to complete and I was in the branch for approximately 20 minutes each time I visited. The banker did all the work of inputting the […]

Identity theft accelerated in 2008, and experts fear it will worsen in ’09

dentity theft became the fastest-growing crime in the United States in 2008, affecting more than 10 million Americans, according to the Federal Trade Commission, the agency that enforces ID theft laws. Hundreds of data breaches exposed sensitive information, and victims spent countless hours on the phone talking to banks, fraud investigators and credit bureaus. Businesses […]

Real ID mandate resisted in Virginia

Some legislators want to join the growing chorus of states that have defied the federal government by refusing to participate in a national identification program billed as a way to fight terrorism and identity theft. Two pieces of legislation for consideration when lawmakers return to Richmond on Jan. 14 call for Virginia to ignore the […]

Police officers rewarded for identity theft investigation

There was a point during Sgt. Tony Frisbee and Sgt. Shaun Devlin’s identity theft investigation earlier this year where new victims were coming in almost daily. Most of the cases had similar characteristics: Victims’ Social Security numbers were used to file false tax returns, the returns were sent to Texas and the victims all belonged […]

Chicago-area residents face fraud, identity theft charges for three day Meijer shopping spree

Five Chicago-area residents are facing numerous federal felony charges after they allegedly went on a maniacal three-day shopping spree through three states spending thousands of dollars at Target and Meijer stores using fake credit cards. The 15-count indictment filed by the United States Attorney in Grand Rapids lists nearly 400 transactions from April 2007, when […]

Identity theft is top consumer complaint

Identity theft was the No. 1 fraud complaint in a government-maintained database that keeps track of consumer gripes, according to a Federal Trade Commission. In 2007, the database received more than 800,000 complaints, with 32% of those about identity theft and the rest, or 68%, pointing to various other types of fraud, according to FTC. […]

Celebrity Identity Theft Victims

An identity theft story can involve ANYONE. If you think that only unsuspecting housewives, too harassed by the many chores they have to get done with children in tow, would fall prey to identity thieves (i.e., getting their credit cards, checks, personal info stolen), think again. Even a celebrity can figure in an identity theft […]

An Identity Theft Scam that anyone would fall for

For Aisha Shahid and dozens of others who went to an advertised job fair in Chattanooga and got offers of nightclub work in Atlanta, Memphis and Miami, the “dream jobs” turned out to be an identity theft scam. A man who identified himself as record company and music group president William Devon took applications and […]